12 hours in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a real student’s city, with a lot of different places: from coffee shops to museums to dance clubs. Everyone can do what they like. We can recommend you some of the nicest places you can visit during the day or night in Novi Sad.

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad

Our adventure in Novi Sad starts at Faculty of Philosophy with our newly made friends who study here. Just like us they are students of Journalism and because we have lots in common it was easy for us to plan an adventure around the city. The Faculty itself already had a lot to offer so that was our first stop. A stroll around the department of Journalism and the study room was the first thing we did, in order to see how our colleagues from the University of Novi Sad functioned on the daily.

Rooftop Loft cafe

We walked in with few expectations. But once the door was open, we were flabbergasted.  The interior made you feel like you were in one of the hippest rooftop bars in the world, such as in New York, London or Paris.  On top of that the weather was fine, the sun was burning on our skin and there was not a cloud in the sky. There is a clear concept behind the ‘LOFT’. A great location, the bar is located on the top floor of the shopping mall ‘Promenada’ and captures all the daylight. A pleasant and innovative interior made to measure for a young and trendy target group. The kitchen goes beyond national borders, which makes it an enormous asset for tourists. Coffee is one of the most important products for them. A lot of care is taken in choosing the right beans. Four happy friends in a sofa with a cup of coffee in their hands, The Friends from Central Perk is nowhere near this group.

Gallery of Matica Srpska

Loud music and crowded cafes are important elements of each student’s day. Even though the cafés can also be filled with students on their laptops, working on important assignments, we decided to look for inspiration and do the work in a much calmer ambient. We decided to visit the Gallery of Matica Srpska, we went in quietly and slowly and were not aware of what was waiting on the other side. The lady that worked inside the Gallery’s gift shop shouted: “come in, it’s free”, and it felt as if she didn’t only mean the entrance was free, but the art and the experience as well. What we saw is only one piece of Serbian rich history, paintings of traditional clothing and jewelry from rich families from Vojvodina. What we enjoyed the most is the exhibition of old cameras, there was a Balloon with a blue sky backdrop in which we took photos and had a laugh.

Museum of contemporary art Novi Sad

In the Museum of Contemporary Art the first thing we saw were very detailed portraits of people drawn with a graphite pencil. The canvas was so big and filled with such attention to detail that we felt small standing in front of it. On one wall there was a portrait of a young man with his eyes gazing into another portrait which was right across the room, and it had a very old woman drawn on it with lots of marks and wrinkles on her skin. The art was so realistic and so spectacularly done that it was hard to believe that it was drown on by hand and not photographed. Outside the day was surprisingly warm for an October afternoon so we decided to sit down and collect out thoughts in the shade of Museum’s yard. Even that space that had no art in it was very pretty and had a calming effect on us after a long day of discovering the city.

Nightlife: Cuba Libre

In Novi Sad, there are many clubs in which you can party. In Laze Teleckog, you have the club Cuba Libre, a small building with two floors. The lower floor has a large bar, but not so much space to dance. On the second floor there is a smaller bar but more space to dance on international music together with an even more diversed group of partygoers. From bald guys in there 30s to young girls, who go out for the first time. Everybody had fun and danced a lot. And for the people who got tired, there were even couches in which you could rest and enjoy the view of happy people. Together with our entire travel group we tested out some different drinks, from cola to beers to cocktails. Novi Sad really has clubs for all kind of people, a real recommendation for all the people who like to paint the town red.

Pozdrav iz Novog Sada!

Morgane, Jitse, Milica and Nina.